Special Events

When you hire a Wild Sky pilot and drones, you'll be able to capture ultra high definition (4k) video and high resolution photos of your special event from a unique perspective.


While there are certain limitations that prevent sUAS flights over crowds, we have very successfully filmed a variety of special events including:

  • Bike Races

  • Running Races

  • Athletic Games and Practices

  • Weddings

  • Corporate Events

  • Parties

We are experts with FAA regulations and will provide you  safe, FAA Part 107 licensed sUAS pilot. Contact me to explore how a cost effective drone flight can help promote your special event and make truly memorable memories.

Check out some of my promo reel videos:

2017 National Veterans Wheelchair Games (closing video)

Joy ride with "Flat Steve" (Capital City Re/Max)

Wyoming Spring

2017 Machine Gun Shoot

Sweet Sunny South

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